Dog Boarding For Seniors, Puppies, and Pooches


About the Facility

Medically Trained and Responsive Staff

Odorless, Clean Surrounds

Non-Pharmaceutical Remedies if Needed

Existing Medical Needs Catered For

Why Choose Clif Wyck?

It’s the Dog Boarding Kennel the County Health Inspector uses as an outstanding example of how dog boarding facilities should be maintained and operated.

Our highly-qualified Clif Wyck staff are some of the best in the business. We strive to keep our full time /senior staff up to date on current First-Aid Canine CPR and Doggy Heimlich techniques. Additionally, we use a comprehensive medical healthcare checklist to monitor all pets under our care.

Whether your pet needs to board for one night, one week, one month, or longer, CALL US at 856.983.3050

Get In Touch

Nothing is Off Limits

Unlike other facilities, you are welcome to view and inspect any areas of our kennels. Our staff will guide you around the entire facility. We believe in full disclosure, so you know exactly where your pet is boarding.

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