About K9 Basics

Who WE Are

As experts in dog behavior modification and problem solving, K9 Basics has the experience and talent to help you and your dog at any level. Dog behavior modification is largely based on the experience and education of the trainer.

If you’re looking for Dog Training in NJ or Phila area, you need to call us. Teaching commands is the easiest thing we do. Teaching your dog how to focus and maintain attention to a command without changing their personality, energy or drive is what sets us apart from anyone else.

Why Choose Us?

Our training is unlimited and our clients should expect nothing less than an outstanding dog. You work at your own pace and are not limited in the number of training sessions you can attend. Through our personalized training program, you will gain a confident, obedient and well-mannered dog. Your dog will simply learn to listen to your first command.

What We Do

Training and control includes but is not limited to, listening and behaving (with or without distractions):

  • In your home
  • In your car
  • In your yard
  • Walking with you
  • In the park
  • Waiting at the door
  • Chewing/biting issues
  • Digging issues
  • Come on command
  • Sit on command, next to you
  • Sit on command, off leash from a distance
  • Down on command, next to you
  • Down on command, off leash from a distance
  • Quiet on command
  • Jumping issues