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by | Dec 6, 2022 | General Information

The word “spa” conjures up memories of being wrapped up in a fluffy robe, manicures and pedicures, facials, hot tubs, glorious massages, and little cucumber slices on your eyelids. So when you hear about a dog spa, you may wonder why such services would be necessary. Isn’t it just indulgent? 

While they often offer extra pampering services, a dog spa is primarily about dog grooming, which is more than just a cosmetic service — it’s a matter of dog health, too. Grooming services keep your dog’s skin and coat in good condition, reveal health issues, keep them comfortable, and, of course, make your dog look good!

At K9 Basics, we also offer dog grooming services in addition to our training. There are advantages to having both services under one roof. With us, your dog will be well-behaved and squeaky clean! 


Why is Dog Grooming So Important?

Most dogs’ entire skin is covered in fur. It protects the dog from sunburn and helps them control body temperature. Unfortunately, depending on the coat type, all that fur can trap dirt, debris, bugs, loose fur, and odors. It can even become matted, which, at its worst, can constantly pull on the skin and cause pain and irritation. A dog’s nails can grow too long, impeding their ability to walk comfortably. In extreme cases, the nails can curl around and puncture the paw. 

Basic dog grooming services include brushing, nail trimming, and occasional bathing. Your dog may need more advanced services if they’ve wallowed in mud, have matted fur, or haven’t been groomed in a long time and are a little scruffy.

Dog grooming avoids these problems. Brushing helps keep fur from tangling and matting, removes dirt and debris, and promotes the spread of skin oils. Clipping keeps nails from causing movement and paw issues. While dogs do not need frequent baths, grooming helps when the dog has gotten into something messy or stinky or has taken on that doggy smell. 


Types of Fur

The kind of dog grooming services you need depends on their fur, the kind of activities they get up to, and how messy it makes them. But all dogs need grooming services. 

Short-haired dogs still shed, and their skin will benefit from brushing and bathing when needed. They are also just as likely to roll around in something stinky.

Long-haired dogs’ fur traps more stuff and can get matted if not groomed regularly. It can also cover the dog’s eyes, and in the back end, it can trap poop remnants.

Double-coated dogs have an undercoat that helps keep them warm in cold climates. The undercoat sheds all at once, and you may end up brushing it out for what seems like days. 


What Dog Grooming Services Does K9 Basics Offer?

Professional Dog Grooming Services

At K9 Basics, we offer grooming services to help keep your dog healthy, comfortable, and great-looking!

K9 Basics offers grooming services for every type of dog. Basic services include: 

  • Baths with shampoo and conditioner
  • Blow drying 
  • Brushing 
  • De-shedding 
  • Tooth brushing 
  • Ear cleaning 
  • Odor eliminators 
  • Nail clipping 
  • Fur brighteners 


We Offer a Wide Selection of Healthy Grooming Products

We use the best, safest products for our dog grooming sessions. All products are natural and tear-free. They are gentle enough to use on puppies as young as eight weeks old. Products include soothing oatmeal shampoo for sensitive skin, aloe conditioner, and natural flea-and-tick shampoo if needed.


Tailoring Services to the Dog’s Needs

We Do NOT Use Tranquilizers!

We understand that, for some dogs, grooming can be scary and stressful, and they may act aggressively as a result. Other dog groomers may use some form of tranquilizer, but we will never drug your dog! If needed, we may use a muzzle or a cone for safety. But, most importantly, we will help your dog through the entire experience. 


Our Trainers Can Help

Some dogs have been turned away from other dog grooming services. Large commercial groomers will sometimes blacklist a dog that shows any sign of aggression. 

We have the advantage of having our capable trainers right here on site. Our groomers can quickly call on them to help with a scared, aggressive dog. For example, you may have a dog that doesn’t want their paws touched, but our trainers can help the dog get their grooming done comfortably. 

Because of our training expertise, we address the dog’s temperament. We can slow things down if needed. Sometimes, the dogs will spend time with the staff and other dogs before their grooming appointment.

It’s not just about getting this many services done today. It’s more about knowing each dog and what they need. We can take on more difficult cases that other groomers typically turn away.


Ready to Pamper Your Dog? We’ve Got You Covered!

If you want to give your dog an added grooming treat, we have several additional services to choose from, including: 

  • Shampoos: Aromatherapy, vitamin E and sweet almond oil, deodorizing/skunk, medicated, hypoallergenic, scented, waterless 
  • Whiteners and brighteners
  • Scented sprays


Our General Pricing

Our fees vary depending on the dog’s size, fur type, and the services you choose. We have several bundles of basic services, such as baths, ear cleaning, brushing, blow drying, and nail clipping. Prices range from $26 to $85. Basic and additional services are also available a la carte.


K9 Basics is the Best Dog Spa in South Jersey!

Is it time to get your dog groomed? We can get your dog’s coat and skin clean and healthy, and we will take the time to help with any behavioral issues along the way. Your dog is not just a checkmark on a schedule to us. Give us a call at (866) 592-2742 or, if you’re from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, or New York, visit us at 131 Kenilworth Road, Marlton, New Jersey 08053, to learn more about our dog training services. Also, browse our blog and social media for various topics about dogs and their lives with us! We are here for you and your dog!



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